Physical AttributesEdit

Acadians prefer dimly lit areas and warmer, moist temperatures. Generally, most Acadians have a pale complexion with almost adverse effects to long exposures to the sun. This is, in part, due to their evolution from cave dwelling mammals.

Most Acadians have noticeably purple eyes. They are born blue and change gradually as the child matures. Some members of the population never grow out of the blue eyes which is due in part to a deficiency that most children fully outgrow by the age of four.

Tolerance Off-WorldEdit

In order to protect themselves and the clusters that they would bond in, early Acadians developed a high pitched, shrill scream that would deter possible predators or invaders. This scream, while no longer needed, created a dual set of vocal cords in the Acadian throat. The upper set of cords create a high pitched sound that, for some species, is too high to be heard without aid. The second, lower set is normal. An Acadian cannot willingly not use the upper set of cords, so the end result is often a voice that has an almost plural quality to it with one sound that is noticeably uncomfortable to the ear.

In addition to this, Acadians are very sensitive to light. While aesthetically they like color, intense light is very painful and extended exposure can damage the cornea.

Symbiotic RelationshipsEdit

The VolatEdit

All Acadians have an ability to be involved in a mutually beneficial relationship with a native creature to the planet called a volat. Volats are very similar to centipedes in appearance, though can grow to be as large as two feet and have legs that can also reach several feet. The volat is given to an Acadian at a young age and fastens at the spinal cord near the brain and rests along the spine and nerves. As both Acadian and volat grow, a dependency is formed between the two of them. The volat’s legs grow into and fasten with the Acadian nervous system.

Volats are sentient life forms with personalities of their own from hatching. They are paired up with an Acadian according to personality. The bond between humanoid and volat is very strong. A volat will assist it’s humanoid host in pain sensory as well as by temporarily numbing the upper vocal cords so that the Acadian voice is tolerable to non-Acadians. Once one dies, the other can continue living provided that the first several months are done properly, however life expectancy drops drastically. The dependency is emotional as well and can be so deep that some Acadians never feel the need to marry.

Volats are asexual and reproduce only when they make the conscious decision to do so, temperature is within certain parameters, and at a certain age. When this happens, the Acadian carrier returns to Acadia IV and goes through the ju’tuv ceremony: the removal of the egg.

Society and CultureEdit







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